At eighty8, students of pianoforte are encouraged to engage with a wide range of musical styles.  Exposure to various types of music is very important in the development of a well-rounded musician.

There are many reasons for seeking piano tuition: 
  • guidance for students in ABRSM and Trinity College examinations
  • guidance for students in SQA performance examinations
  • to learn about new musical styles such as jazz or pop
  • simply for the pleasure of learning to play piano!
I believe that both technique and creative sensitivity are of equal importance when performing on the piano - indeed, they are inseparable.  Students are required to practice piano every day in order to develop both technique and creative understanding of the music.

Mastery of a musical instrument can only be gained by hard work and dedication, but most importantly, by fostering a continued enjoyment of playing and performing on the piano.  After all, we don't 'work' a piano - we play it!  It is my chief concern as an educator and musician that my students enjoy learning the piano as the journey is just as rewarding, if not more, than the destination.