Composition is at the heart of music.  Without composers, performers would have nothing to perform, musicologists would have nothing to research and audiences would have nothing to listen to.  Without composers, the music stops.

Composition is a passion of mine - there are few things more satisfying than creating music to be shared and experienced.  Learning to compose music is a demanding and meticulous art, but one that fosters a deep understanding of music and provides great insight into musical concepts for pianists (and other instrumentalists).

Composition is an abstract discipline.  There are no hard and fast rules - or rather, the rules that are to be observed are, at other times, to be broken.  Learning composition is based upon trial, error, experimentation and exploration - and rarely with a destination in sight. 

Eighty8 can assist students in guidance in composition - particularly for students composing for SQA submissions, or indeed for those with a passion for creating music.